10.13.2007 Meeting


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What is Energy

What is Renewable Energy

Let's build some models 

Coach Iffat welcomed our new Lego team members, and laid out our plan for this year's JFLL Expo.

First the kids voted between "Aqua-Marine Angels" and "Super Electrics", though the majority was for the first, they ultimately compromised and picked "Aquamarine Electrics"  as their new team name!

The theme this year is Power Puzzle, which is about renewable energy. so the plan is to have each team member research about one type of energy, and also build a model to represent that energy type. Our final model will be a green village where each child will be responsible for one block where their model will represent their energy type of choice.

After discussing what Energy is, and the problems that the fussil fuel energy is facing, the kids came up with suggestions as to how we can solve the renewable energy problem.

Next we moved to our model building area, and split into groups, where the boys chose to build a draw bridge, and the girls tackled on a 2 part car with crane and lifts.