Snack Schedule - 2009-2010

Forest Hills Lego Club Home

Thanks to Nancy for organizing the snack schedule. 

Good morning all—

 I’d like to coordinate parents bringing snacks and drinks to the Lego meetings. I’m going to pick one parent from each group (I’m gong list by child name since I don’t know all the parents’ name) to bring either a snack, such as pretzels or granola bars, or something simple and quick, or a drink—a small juice box or water bottles. If you can’t attend on the date I’ve assigned, please let me know.

 Thanks, Nancy Nisselbaum, mom to Marshall


Snack Drink
10/10/09 Rachel Jeffrey
10/17/2009 Olivia Brian
10/24/2009 Sharon Patrick
11/1/2009 Henry Marshall
11/7/2009 Feras James
11/14/2009 Jeffrey Andrew
11/21/2009 Brian Victor
12/5/2009 Patrick Yasmeen
12/12/2009 Marshall Rachel
12/19/2009 Michael Olivia