2014 Registration

Sorry, Registration for 2014-2015 is now closed.
Please check back in May 2015 to register for next season!

What is Forest Hills Robotics League(FHRL)?

FHRL is a parent run non-profit organization that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through robotics activity and competitions. We are open to kids age 6-18. Our structure is modeled after the Little League system, where one or two parents volunteer their time to coach the team, and the other parents act as mentors to the team, thus Parent participation is absolutely critical to the success of the team. We provide equipment (computer, software, LEGO sets and Robotics systems) training and space to the teams. Junior teams will have an Exposition to showcase their work at the end of the season, the older teams, FLL and FTC, will compete in Regional Tournaments and City Wide Championship.

Fee (2014- 2015)

 FHRL Leagues
 JFLL (age 6-9)
 $ 200
 FLL  (age 9-14)
    - Veteran Competition Team
 $ 400
    - Rookie In-House Competition Team $ 350
 FTC  (age 13-18)
 $ 475
 New Member Registration Fee
 $ 25

Please note that our space is limited, so plan to come early for registration. Also, volunteering as a coach will more likely guarantee your child a spot on the team.

For new members, NO PAYMENT is required at registration time. You only pay after you have been offered and accepted a spot on the team.

JFLL (Age 6-9)   FLL (Age 9-14)   FTC (Age 13 - 18)

  - Junior FIRST LEGO League
Level I (age 6-7) / II (age 7-8) / III (age 8/9)

The JFLL team consists of 6-8 kids per team. Each year the team will be given a real-world challenge which they will solve it doing research, critical thinking and imagination. They will spend part of their time discussing about the challenge, and part of the time working with the LEGO models. At the end of the season they will have a Show-Me poster and a LEGO model to showcase at the Exposition. 
Click HERE For more information about JFLL
  • Level I - works with Simple Machinery, understanding the basic principles of simple machines, with motorized controls.
  • Level II - works with WeDo Robotics System, adding motor and sensor to their machines, and program their machines using WeDo programming system.
  • Level III - works with Mindstorm NXT System, constructing their robots using LEGO technic parts, adding motor and sensors to their robots, and programs with NXT-G
There will be two different seasons of JFLL teams to choose from:
  • Season I (Sept 2013 - Nov 2013)  
    • Sat 1:30 - 3:00pm  (2 teams)
    • Sat 3:00 - 4:30pm. (2 teams)
  • Season II (Nov 2013 - Feb 2014)   
    • Sat 1:30 - 3:00pm (2 teams)
    • Sat 3:00 - 4:30pm (2 teams)

FLL Logo
   (Age 9-14)
The FLL teams consists of 8 kids per team. Each year the team will be given a real-world challenge which they will solve it using research, critical thinking and imagination. The challenge for next year is called "Nature's Fury". The team will spend part of their time researching and solving the challenge, and part of their time design, build and program their robot for the robot competition. They will be working with Mindstorm EV3 Robotics systems.

Click HERE For more information about FLL

FLL Season  (Sept 2013 - Jan*/Mar 2014)
       Sat. 9:00 am - 11:00am (2 teams)
       Sat 11:30 am -  1:00pm (2 teams)
       Sat   3:00 pm -  5:00pm (1 team if possible)

*Jan/March : The teams will compete in January at the Qualifying Regional Tournament. Only qualified teams will continue to work till March to compete in the City Wide Championship.

FTC Logo
FIRST Tech Challenge
(Grade 7-12, Age 13 - 18)

For kids who will be in 7th -12th grade by September, we will be starting 2 new teams in the FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC) league. The space is very limited, only a total of 8 kids will be accepted after the interview assessment.

If you child is interested in joining the FTC team, he or she must be present at the FTC interest meeting on May 3rd (9:30 -11:30 am at PS144) and be interviewed by our FTC members and mentors.

The FTC season will run between Oct - March and the teams will meet regularly on Sat from 9:00 am - 11:00am. The FTC teams will be using NXT Mindstorm combined with Tetrix Systems and programming in RobotC.