As a non-profit volunteer based collaborative league, Forest Hills Robotics League relies fully on our volunteers to coach and support our teams.
Without our coaches, we have no teams. Our coaches are not paid staff, instead most of them are parent  volunteers just like yourself. Our coaches generously donate their time to help guide the team through the robotic season. We celebrate the end of season with a fabulous coach dinner.

What kind of coaches do you need?
All of our teams have a minimum of two coaches, some have 3 or 4 coaches. with one head coach being responsible to manage the team's email communication.

Typically the Robot coach will focus on the technical aspect of Robot design, building and programming, and the Research coach will focus on the Research project and core value team work building. Anyone of the coaches can be the head coach, who ultimately is responsible with coordinating and communicating with the rest of the team via email.

What background or requirement does the coach need to have?
The role of the coach is to guide the children with the work, and not to do the work for them.
The only requirement for being a coach, is the love of working with children in learning and exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
For the Robotics coach, having an engineering or software programming background is helpful but not required.
For the Research coach, having the ability to lead group discussion, brain-storming session, assign tasks, provide guidance in research, presentation coaching, and perform line-dancing(optional) are highly desirable.
We will provide coach training sessions before the season starts, so you can be ready to work with the children. During the season, we will assign veteran coaches to mentor you and provide you with any
technical support you would need.

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