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Welcome Coach

Thank you again for volunteering to coach the team. You and your co-coaches are the core of your team. Together, you will strive to lead your team for a fun filled robotics season!

Please review the following details:
Kindly reach out to your fellow coaches before the season begins to coordinate how you will be coaching the team together. Each team has a head coach who will be the primary contact person that will coordinate all the email communication for the team. If your team hasn't selected a head coach yet, please discuss with your coaching team and let me know who will be the head coach. 

Each team there will have different areas for the coaches to cover:
  • Robotics/Construction:Be responsible to lead the building session, offering guidance on the building, and construction of the structure of the robot.
  • Robotics/Programming: Be responsible to lead the programming portion of the meeting. (WeDo and EV3 only)
  • Research: Be responsible to lead the research project, helping the team to identify a problem, create an innovative solution and prepare a presentation for the expo or tournament.
  • Team work: Be responsible to promote team building, encourage team communication and collaboration through games and activities.
Additional coaching material will be also sent to you over the summer to help you prepare for the upcoming season. Official Challenge release is on August 1st, 2018.

Coach Training will be held in early September, please plan to come and spend about 2 to 4 hours with us. More details to come.
  • FLL coaches : 9/15 & 9/22
  • JFLL Coaches : 9/22

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