Some of the parents were a bit confused about how to choose between FLL vs. FTC, especially for returning members.

For those of you who will be in 7th grade and higher next September, you qualify for both FLL and FTC. You have 3 options:

Option 1
Sign up for FLL and try out for FTC.
 - If you get selected for FTC, then you can give up the FLL seat.
        - If you are not selected for FTC, then you can still do FLL.

Option 2
Sign up for FLL only - do the FLL team as last year.

Option 3
Sign up for FTC only - if you do not get selected, then no robotics for you this season.

Payment is only required for FLL to reserve your spot, Payment for FTC will be accepted after you are selected into the team.
If you sign up for both, pay for FLL now, and if you are selected to FTC, you then pay the difference later.

What is the difference between FLL and FTC?

You are probably pretty familiar with what FLL is and how the season and competition runs.
What you need to know more about is what is FTC and how does it work. Here is a link to a competition video, which might help you understand what the robot competition part looks like.

There are many differences between the two leagues:

1. FLL is geared for kids age 9-14
    FTC is really geared more for high school kids. though officially, you only need to be in 7th grade to join.

2. FLL has Research + Robotics.  FTC is Robotics ONLY. (No research)

3. FLL has a simpler robots using LEGO components. with easier programming.
    FTC uses metal parts, with the need to develop shop skills (cutting and joining metal). and more advanced programming using RobotC.

4. FLL competes against time with minimal interaction with opposing team.
    FTC requires alliance with other teams to compete in full contact against other alliances. (complex strategy)

5. FLL Robot Game table is 4'x8'
    FTC Robot Game Field is 12'x12'

Why are you being selective with FTC?
This is our first year forming a rookie FTC team.
We will be spending a lot of time trying to figure out how FTC works ourselves.
Our coaches will also be learning all the new skills that FTC requires along with the kids.
We hope to start small, and hopefully we will be able to expand to more teams as we grow with our kids!

I hope this answers your question about FLL and FTC. Let me know if you have additional question. (info@foresthillslego.com)