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Team Aquamarine Electrics (JFLL)
Challenge Theme: Power Puzzle

Renewable Energy Topics: 


Ocean,Biomass &



The Aquamarine Electrics

Coach: Iffat

  • Yasmeen, 
  • Alessandra,
  • Emily, 
  • Feras 
  • Jeffrey

Power Puzzle

This was our second year participating in JFLL. We have one JFLL team with five members.
The 2007 challenge was Power puzzle, so we focused on renewable energy and we won the Best Models Award!

For the Expo, we presented both a Research Board regarding the topic, as well as a Project Model.


We spent 8 weeks researching into different types of renewable energy. Each kid picked a type of renewable energy to research, and they took turn weekly to present their research to the team. The topics for renewable power are : Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass, Ocean and GeoThermal.

Solar Power

Wind Power

Water power

Geo Thermal

Bio Mass


For the poster, each child researched their chosen topic, then we combined the research data all together onto the board.



For the research model, our theme is a Green Village, composing of separate blocks provided by each child. Each child picked a topic and built their block representing the topic they chose, such as solar house, windmill school house, biomass farm and geo thermal building. At the expo, we assembled all the blocks together to form our final village.


What is JFLL?


Where to buy the kit?

- Education Resource Set (W979648-JFLL) - $59.00
- Science & Technology Power Add-On Set (W979628-JFLL) - $35.00
- 15" x 15" Base Plate (W770284-JFLL) -   Price:  $9.99

Research Topics