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Team Name & Member

Mindstorm Mechanics

Coach-Iffat & Lisa

Yasmeen , Olivia, Sharon, Rachel, Henry,  James, Andrew, Victor

Robo Squad

Coach-Iffat & Nancy

 Feras, Jeffrey, Brian, Patrick, Marshall, Michael, Justin

Planetary Forces

Coach-John & Jane

John, E., Ethan

For 2009-2010 season, our club sponsored 3 FLL teams. Mindstorm Mechanics, Robo Squad and Planetary Forces. Combined all three teams, we have a total of 18 kids.

The teams all participated in the Queens Qualifying Tournament at the Aviation High School in late Jan. 2010. All three teams performed outstandingly, and were qualified to attend the Citywide Championship at the Javits Center in mid March 2010.

Our teams won 3 awards at the FLL Queens Qualifying tournament - Aviation High School
  • Robot Squad - 4th place - Research Award
  • Mindstorm Mechanics - 2nd place - Champions Award
  • Planetary Forces - Judge's Award

FLL NYC Championship, Javits Center
The Forest Hills teams successfully competed in the FLL Citywide tournament at the Javits Center on March 17, 2010. Though we did not win any award this time, we did come in pretty close in the top quarter of each category. Considering it is our first time participating in the citywide championship, and we were competing against 100 plus teams, I truly believe that we did mighty well! (Watch out Dalton!) Next year, we will come back again, bigger and better!

Since our teams are probably the only ones that are community based, we got quite some press attention from the media.

Here is a clip of our team competing on the game table! (Our team is wearing the green shirts)

YouTube Video

See our feature article in the Queens Tribune

The challenge for 2009-2010 is "Smart Move"

Project Team Research