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2020-2021 season

Winner of NYC FTC Championship - Gear Masters 8365

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FHRL Virtual Open House & Registration

We are excited to start our planning for the next season. Registration will be starting on July 10th 
This year our Open House is virtual and recorded, please join us to find out what we have planned for the next season! 

Click HERE for Questions and Answers and to submit your question directly to us.

Visit our REGISTRATION page to sign up for our next season

FHRL Open House 2021

FHRL 2020-2021

This year's Robotics season was a challenging remote season. However, we were still able to host the following teams:
  •  FIRST Tech Challenge teams - Gear Masters (8365) and Mighty Mechanics (8721)
  •  FIRST LEGO League teams - Granny Group, Legendary Athleticbots, and Endorian Engineers
  •  CoderZ team
Our teams performed exceptionally well overall in this year's remote season, winning the NYC FTC Championship, NYC FLL Championship, and many other awards for our teams. Unfortunately, the World Championship was canceled this year due to the Pandemic, Luckily, our FLL Championship team, the Granny Group, was able to represent NYC to attend the FIRST LEGO League Virtual Open International Greece!

FTC News

Congratulations to FTC 8365 Gear Masters for winning the NYC FTC Championship! 
The team had an amazing season with the following wins:

NYC Remote Qualifier #1

  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Top Ranked Robot Performance
  • Think Award 2nd Place
  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award 2nd Place
  • Control Award 2nd Place
  • Dean’s List Semi-Finalists
    • Ryan Alli
    • Elizabeth Ngai
NYC Remote Championship
  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Top Ranked Robot Performance
  • Motivate Award 3rd Place
  • Design Award 2nd Place
Congratulations to FTC 8721 Mighty Mechanics for winning the Control Award 3rd place at the NYC FTC Championship. The team had an amazing season with the following wins:

NYC Remote Qualifier #2
  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Top Ranked Robot Performance 2nd Place
  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award 2nd Place
  • Control Award 3rd Place
  • Dean’s List Semi-Finalists
    • Nathan Kuo
    • Matthew Temkin
NYC Remote Championship
  • Control Award 3rd Place
2021 FLL News
Winner of NYC FLL Championship - The Granny Group

Congratulations to our FLL teams for an outstanding season with many wins!

The Granny Group 
  • Global Innovation Award – 1st Place 
  • Robot Performance - 1st Place 
  • Champion’s Award – 1st Place 
Team Legendary Athleticbots 
  •     Core Value Award - 3rd Place 

Team Endorian Engineers
  •     Engineering Excellence Award - 3rd Place 

CoderZ Team

    Congratulations to our FHRL CoderZ team for a successful season of competing in the Virtual CoderZ competitions!


FHRL Year End Celebration Picnic
Our FLL and FTC teams celebrated the end of this Pandemic season with a fun day in the Park! With lots of food and fun games for all!


Young Professional in STEAM Webinar

Join us in this exciting "Young Professional in STEAM" Webinar and meet our panelist from Google, Github, and GlassTown Entertainment. This webinar is hosted by our FTC team Mighty Mechanics #8721
Click HERE to register for the webinar

About FHRL

Forest Hills Robotics League(FHRL) is a non-profit volunteer based organization, our mission is to promote education in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M) for children in our community through the participation in the FIRST Robotics program. (http://www.firstlegoleague.org) 

We sponsor FLL Jr., FLL and FTC teams, providing coaching and training for the teams on weekend (Saturday). This is an active parent participation program, if you enjoy spending time with your children doing something that is fun and educational, then this is the program for you and your child!


Each year's Challenge is released in late August or early September
For the 2020-2021 season, we are sponsoring 
  • 8 FLL Jr. teams (age 6-9, exposition teams)
  • 5 FLL teams (age 9-14, competition teams)
  • FTC teams (age 14-18, competition teams)
We look forward to a fun and exciting season of Robot building and researching of the season Challenge topics!

May - September
Typically, our Open house & Registration will be start in May. Waiting list will run between June and September. We typically do not accept member during the season (between Sept - May) unless there is an opening.

The registration is now closed for the season. The next registration will be on May/June 2021

If you want to receive email regarding all our events, sign up for our eNewsletterFor more info, contact us at info@ForestHillsLego.com

Volunteer as a Coach
As a volunteer program, all our coaches are volunteer based. Typically, the coaches are adults who are interested in being more actively involved in the program. Coaches do not need to have previous experience. We will provide training and guidance to help you coach and manage your team. Remember, without coaches, we won't be able to have any teams. If you are interested in coaching, please sign up here.

Note: People accepted as coaches, can secure a seat for their kids on the team that they are coaching.